Starman Comic-Book

Starman Comic-Book


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In 1970, Freddie Burretti left his hometown of Bletchley and moved to London. Fate led him to become a close friend of David Bowie. Together they created the Starman persona that propelled Bowie into rock super-stardom.
In Starman, Freddie Burretti; The Man Who Sewed The World, Viz cartoonist Paul B. Rainey adapts Lee Scriven’s musical of the same name which mythologises those events. Rainey sets out to capture the positivity, energy and the spirit of the original musical production using the silent artform of comics.
40 pages with full-colour cover and two-colour interior. Printed to be the same size as a 7'' single. Early orders will receive a free Starman postcard selected at random from a set of five.

“Suffice to say, it’s hugely enjoyable and set me off looking deeper into the life of Burretti, a fascinating story of triumph and tragedy that Rainey summarises beautifully, capturing all the aspects of a complicated life. Another one for the Best of British lists and definitely one you should be picking up." Richard Bruton, Comicon.

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